Aligning with Core prospects

Cai & SW Cai

Strong lithium anomaly in soil geochemistry at Cai and SW Cai trend in a similar NE SW direction as Core’s Far West Central and Grants prospects.
Lei Lithium Discovery

Cai trend aligns with Core prospects

Lithium soil anomaly at Cai extends for 1,800m along a southwest trend.

Historical 2017 drilling at Cai was too shallow and intersected weathered pegmatite where Lithium is likely depleted due to weathering. Failed to test beneath the weathering profile.


Anomalous Li (300-500 ppm) values at Cai from drilling are within the same range as shallow drill holes at Lei, which when drilled 50m deeper intersected 12m @ 1.43%Li2O.


Deeper drilling at Cai is expected to intersect higher Li values similar to Lei.


Cai and SW Cai lie along strong SW trend that aligns with CXO’s Far West Central and Grants prospects.

several drill targets:

Drill Targets at SW Cai

  • Mapped pegmatite across historical tin mine workings has a 500m strike length.
  • DGPR surveys were performed at SW Cai in 2017 along the soil anomaly trend.
  • Several pegmatite dyke targets were identified across most sections, generating several new pegmatite targets illustrated in section view on the next two slides for lines Cai7 and Cai8.
  • An additional 500m trend length is estimated from the DGPR and soil surveys.
  • All DPGR sections indicate a significant weathering profile and as such future drill programs need to target pegmatite intersection at 100m vertical depth to test fresh rock.
  • Extending DGPR and soil surveys is planned.
Mapped pegmatite in historic workings
lithium bearing pegmatite targets

SW Cai drill targets

DPGR profiles at SW Cai have revealed very similar vertical trending anomalies like the Lei anomaly that drilling has proven to be Lithium bearing pegmatite dykes
DPGR section line 7 (50m depth) shows likely pegmatite dyke, coincident with overlying soil anomaly.
DPRG section line 7 (200m depth) suggests multiple pegmatite dykes. These features lie also lie beneath strong lithium soil anomalies.

Cai drill targets

DPGR profiles at Cai have also revealed multiple vertical trending anomalies lying beneath anomalous Lithium in soil geochemistry
Figure 18. DPGR section line 8 (50m depth) shows likely pegmatite dyke in the east matching a similar anomaly in section 7, also coincident with overlying soil anomaly.
Figure 19. DPRG section line 8 (200m depth) continues to identify potential multiple pegmatite dykes.